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A message from the Principal

Welcome to Geographe Education Support Centre. We trust that your association and involvement with the school will be a happy and rewarding one.

This booklet aims to provide most of the important information parents wish to know about the school. Also, it is presented in the hope that any feeling of strangeness or uncertainty can be overcome. Regular newsletters are issued to keep parents informed of school events and programmes and any changes to the information contained in this booklet.

At school we build on the foundations laid by parents. We see the home and the school as playing a vital role in the overall development of the student, so it is important that we work closely together to provide the best opportunities for your child. At all times we encourage parents and carers to become actively involved in school life, and there are many ways to do this, as outlined throughout this booklet.

Geographe Education Support Centre offers a vibrant, challenging and personalised, developmental learning programme. We have highly qualified and dedicated teachers who work hard to provide for the academic, social, creative and physical needs of all students.

Please contact the class teacher or the Principal for assistance with specific educational and participation programmes tailored for your child.

Vicki Peters

Principal 2015

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