If you are passionate about the natural environment and want to find out about land conservation and management, then becoming a Bush Ranger is for you.

As a bush ranger you will get involved with conservation projects, go on camps, learn about the role of the Department of Environment and Conservation, bush survival techniques, First Aid within the natural environment as well as learning how to conduct and present nature conservation research. And that’s just a start. The program also has a nationally accredited component. You can choose to complete a Certificate II Conservation and Land Management and a Certificate II Leadership.

These are recognised by The Curriculum Council of WA and will appear on your Western Australian Certificate of Education. Some of the conservation projects completed over the last eight years include harvesting termites for the numbats at the Zoo, working with Landcare groups in salinity action, planting wildlife corridors for the Carnaby’s Cockatoo, working along side Department of Environment and Conservation staff at the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, completing control burns at Dwellingup and working to restore bushland on Ramsar wetlands.

Training modules to support the modules include:

  • Bush Ranger Qualities
  • Practical Nature Conservation Projects
  • Working Safely in Nature
  • Parks Reserves and Landscape Management
  • Personal Growth
  • Bushcraft and Survival
  • Winning Back Wildlife
  • The Practice of Nature Conservation
  • Environmental Management
  • First Aid
  • Interpretation of the Natural Environment Bush Rangers are required to wear a uniform.

The uniform, which is khaki and worn with a green cap, indicates an association with Cadets WA as well as the Department of Environment and Conservation. To become a Bush Ranger you must be in Year 8 or above.

For more information you can request information here or visit www.naturebase.net and follow the link “For Schools”

Bush Ranger Cadets 1
Bush Ranger Cadets 2