Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a framework that guides behavioural and academic support for students to learn and display positive or pro- social behaviours.  We blend this with the best evidence based academic and behavioural practices for improving student outcomes.

We have implemented Tier 1 strategies to promote a positive, proactive approach. Key aspects include developing an agreed set of expectations relating to behaviour and ensuring that the behaviours are taught consistently across the school. Our whole school reward system recognises achievement and encourages students to develop and demonstrate the expected behaviours. 

There is a process we go through in PBS and this is often written up in a Support Plan. A priority is to build collaboration and consultation with all of those involved. Each person has unique knowledge to bring to help understand the situation and develop and implement consistent strategies once they have been agreed.

How PBS works at GESC?

School wide:

  • Each week Students earn PER tickets that acknowledge students demonstrating RESPECT, CARE, AWARE, LEARNING
  • These PER tickets are put into a weekly draw
  • School certificates acknowledging students who have been following our school’s values.
  • There will be whole school rewards to acknowledge achievement of goals.


  • Each morning lessons relating to the Positive Education program will be conducted utilising role-play activities, brainstorming, video footage, stories.



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