Senior School Students at Geographe Education Support Centre participate in a structured Work Experience program. Our school has excellent community connections and we currently work alongside various local businesses to provide work and training opportunities which cater for our student’s individual needs and assist in their transition to independence and life after school.

Participating in a supported structured work experience program based on employability skills and involving a number of different workplaces, assists students to make informed decisions about their futures. These decisions are vitally important for students to move successfully from school to further education, training, employment and participation in the community.

Students work with a large variety of local employers and gain a vast array of skills and knowledge. Students receive fantastic references to include in their resumes which they work on at school.

Examples of excellent outcomes former students have achieved include;

  • student offered a volunteer position as a direct result of work experience
  • gained open employment with the assistance of our staff
  • gained casual employment as a direct result of the work experience placement
  • students offered part time employment through employment agencies using the skills they gained during workplace learning
Work Experience 1
Work Experience 2