Year 7-9

Our programs are specifically designed to cater for the needs of students with disability. The Australian Curriculum overarches all learning opportunities that are implemented in an age appropriate manner by specialised staff. Programs are delivered across all the learning areas of English, Maths, Science, Health and Physical Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, The Arts and Technologies.

Year 10-12

Transitioning to senior school is an exciting time for students and their families. Curriculum and programs for the senior years (10-12) at Geographe Education Support Centre are dynamic in approach to ensure that individual student needs are highlighted.

English and Mathematics

Some class programs in English and Mathematics are based on the Preliminary Courses from the Australian Curriculum, guiding students through units 1-4. These courses provide ‘opportunities for practical and well supported learning to help students develop a wide range of skills to assist them upon leaving school’ (Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority Website). Other classes will complete ASDAN programs in English and Mathematics which will give students the practical skills to develop their literacy and numeracy in various contexts.

Health & Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education program is also based on the Preliminary Courses with an emphasis on Protective Behaviours, Decision Making, Social Skills, Healthy Living and participation in Physical Activity. Teaching staff engage in professional development and training and facilitate with external agencies such as Therapy Focus to deliver a health education program which supports student well-being and independence for the future. The Rock and Water program is also being incorporated into Health classes to help students to learn resilience, gain self- confidence and managing conflict and their emotions in a constructive manner.

Community Access

All students at Geographe Education Support Centre take part in a the Community Access Program. The objective of the program include travel training, social skills, community awareness and learning about our city. This program runs concurrently with ASDAN to incorporate Personal Safety.  Students learn how to access public transport and use their Smart Riders.

Secondary Curriculum 1
Secondary Curriculum 2